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It’s important to publish a mix of content on your blog and social media so that you appeal to a wide target audience. And here, you’ll get exactly that! Your five free blogs will cover topics in each of these categories: buying, selling, letting, lifestyle & home.

Using these articles, you’ll give readers a well-rounded variety of content. Plus, by providing a mix, you’re more likely to attract new readers and followers who are interested in different aspects of the property market.

Category #1 Buying

The buying process can be daunting, but with the right information it can also be exciting. This category is packed with premium articles to help you educate your clients on industry topics using expert guides, how to’s, tips and tricks.

Category #2 Selling

When it comes to selling properties, there’s a lot that goes into the process. Your clients need to be aware of the selling process, so this category includes articles on what to expect, how to ensure their sale runs smoothly, how they can help the sale along stress free and how to navigate the conveyancing process.

Category #3 Lettings

Renting properties is a big decision. It’s important your clients know what they are getting into before signing a lease or becoming a landlord. These articles will help attract landlords and educate tenants.

Category #4 Lifestyle

Our lifestyle articles are all about helping your customers make their homes (and their lives) comfortable. This category includes home improvements, hints for moving with pets or children, overcoming moving anxiety during divorce and more. 

home and garden category

Category #5 Home & Garden

Our home and garden topics are full of tips, tricks and information to help homeowners make the most of their living spaces, however large or small!


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